#FridayFire Chapter 13 and Life Changes

This week had the promise of another unsuccessful week of job hunting and rejection letters. I had already started browsing and applying to jobs online and was to the point where I was about to go to another temp agency and see if they could find something. Then Tuesday morning I got an email for the big job I had my fingers crossed for and really wanted.

Sorry, but you won't be moving forward in the hiring process.

With all that is going on and my desperate need for a good-paying job to take care of my kids, this email nearly crushed me. So, I immediately sent them an email back begging them to reconsider. With little hope of anything coming from my email, I set out hunting for more applications.

Half the day passed and I had stopped to tell my family of the disappointing email I had received that morning. Just as I said "I got the rejection email..." my phone chirped with a new text message. My email had gotten through and they had a job offer for me! I jumped around excitedly before running out to my car and to go accept the last-minute offer. While it wasn't the position I applied for, it was a steady job that will provide well for myself and the kids.

I was told I am the first to be sent a rejection email and then be hired that same day.

The moral of the story? Don't give up hope! Keep pushing and never settle for no.

Now I just have to prove to them that I will be everything I promised in my email. No pressure right?!

At any rate, this new position may take some time to get used to and may get in the way of writing until I'm accustomed to the hours and work. I'll have most weekends free, and occasionally a Friday free here and there, but I may fall behind in chapters so I'm going to slow down on the number of chapters I put out weekly. It was originally my intention to only publish one chapter a week anyhow so I will return to doing that.

I hope you enjoy chapter 13 and please be patient with me as I learn my new job!

Wish me luck out there next week!


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