Why I refuse to give up my Kindle 3rd Gen

The e-book revolution has evolved. I've been reading e-books for nearly five years. As soon as I discovered them, I had to have them, and it has been a happy obsession ever since. I was reading e-books before it was cool.

Now everyone is doing it.

Every year though our devices are upgraded. Now everyone prefers to read on tablets. Here's why that is a big nuh-uh for me. With the distractions of the social apps, and the mega eyestrain of looking at an LCD screen, it's hard to stay focused for more than twenty minutes let alone the hours that I prefer to immerse myself.

For reading, I still adore my little 3rd Generation Kindle.

I love it's lightweight, the easy to read e-ink pages, the long lasting battery (with wi-fi turned off it can last days), I can load my manuscripts and those of my critique partners on it, I can take notes and highlight,
and I especially love the text-to-speech function (you grow accustomed to the robo-voice.)

That last one is the kicker as to why I will never upgrade from my 3rd gen. I use the text-to-speech all the time. Take this week for instance. I just spent the last three days painting my house getting it ready to put on the market, and in that time I also read a book, cover to cover. My hands were busy, and my mind was occupied.

I've started to rely on the text-to-speech to read to me all through the day, and as a result, I'm making a dent in my reading list! Go me!

What is your favorite reading device and why?

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