App Love: iPP Podcast Player

I love podcast. When I'm not listening to audio books from audible or the robot tone of my kindle 3rd gen, I'm listening to podcast. I have them for gaming and writing and self-publishing. If you are not listening to podcast, you are missing out.

The problem though was that most of my podcast were on iTunes, and I have an Android tablet and phone. Ugh! So, aside from loading my entire podcast folder onto my SD card (yep it's possible) and wasting all that space, I could only listen from my computer. Lame!

After searching for a way around this I stumbled upon an app called iPP Podcast Player. It searches though the iTunes store for the podcast you are missing on your Android device.

Simply type in the name of your podcast in the search bar and viola. Hit the bookmark button to subscribe.

Now go out into the world and listen to your podcast!

A short list of my favorite Writing podcast:

  • Writing Excuses
  • I Should Be Writing
  • Grammar Girl
  • The Self-publishing Podcast
  • The Creative Penn
  • Word Play


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