IWSG: Suck it up Cupcake

The first Wednesday of every month is the official Insecure Writers Support Group blog hop, brainchild of the wonderful Alex Canvanaugh, where writers can express their insecurities and fears of the writing world.

Suck it up cupcake. It's something my mother tells me when I get down and depressed, not that she is being heartless, but that it's our little way of telling each other that bitching and moaning about it won't do any good. Maybe that is why I haven't bothered to tell her how down I have been the past month. How I hate my MS, how my kids are driving me bonkers, how I don't want to go on our spring break road trip and just want to be alone, how my wonky body is starting to really tick me off, and how all I want to do all day everyday is sleep... 

I was going to write about it for IWSG, but then I happened across Charmaine Clansy's IWSG post. It was the mental slap I needed. Thank you, Charmaine for your wise words!

I'm also taking one from the fabulous Joanna Penn and making this my new mantra, everyday.

So here I go! Sucking it up, and making art! Wish me luck :)


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