Working Out Fun

One thing I miss about the military is PT three times a week. It’s not like it was a grueling workout, but it did get you up and moving first thing in the AM, and it felt good to be in shape.  With the constant pains and fatigue I suffer these days, fitness is crucial. I try to walk when I can, and I was doing yoga for a while, but it just wasn’t cutting it. I was putting pounds back on. My husband started to say I was fluffy. This won’t do.  I’m very conscious of my weight, and have always shrived to at the very least stay within my weight bracket for my size.

So I started looking into new workout programs. We had just purchased a new Xbox because our old one was crapping out and with the new one came the Kinect.  I tried the workout game my husband got for himself, the UFC Trainer.  The next day I felt like I had been pushed through a meat grinder! It was too much for my body and my level of fitness.  So I started to look into Your Shape Fitness2012. It was one of the top rated fitness games at the time and sported everything I wanted and then some.

It’s wonderful!

I set up an objective, which is energy for right now, then set up my profile with my weight, height, yada yada… Then it flags the workouts I need to be doing three times a week. Not only can you work out specific parts of the body, but there are cardio workouts, dance workouts, boot camp, yoga, and my favorite, the Zen workout, which is a mix of yoga and tai chi.

The Kinect sensor tracks your motions and counts the calories you burn. I don’t have to feel embarrassed if I’m doing a move wrong, because I’m in the privacy of my own home. Every move is corrected until you eventually get it right. Working out is fun!

You also can keep track of your progress online, and on the xbox PlayFit App. You can get together with a friend and compare scores and even challenge each other.  I don’t have any friends on there yet, and I’m also taking it a bit slow until I get my body back into shape and I can take on the harder stuff, but if you do get it and get on there, add me to your friends, I would love to workout with you!


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