Whew! Week in a nutshell

What a week I had last week! Monday was the reopening of the Dojo, taking it back to its roots. When I first joined it was meant to be a place where writers could get together and write, but along the way to getting its own domain it became just another writing blog. Not that the topics weren't helpful and inspiring. We had some fantastic writers posting, including myself. That's not what the dojo was about though, and it took some work to get it back to what it was meant to be. Ali, Kathleen, and I actually managed to make it better, with more chats, more camaraderie, more sprints, and more incentive to write. Sure it takes up a chunk of my day, but I’m also writing. 

So far I have added two new scenes, and am currently working on going through my checklist of suggested changes from my Critique Group. As soon as I’m done... it’s off to betas. Which terrifies me! How is it going to stand on it’s own? Is my story strong enough, or will I need to go through it once more, picking through the brambles...

This week I bid farewell to my first foster puppy Melvin. I have been rescuing animals with my mother nearly all my life, helping with PAL back home, raising kitties and puppies and praying they stayed out of the shelter, but Melvin was my first on my own. I picked him up on south 7th last year. Thankfully he was chipped and I got him back to his family, only to have them show up at my door a few weeks ago begging us to take him in. They were moving and couldn’t take him. I couldn’t have him go to the shelter. Animals have 72 hours at the shelter, if they are lucky...

Sunday a family adopted him. He was their first dog, and I was so happy they were getting such a cool little dude to start with. I was able to get him crate trained before he left, but I was sure to inform them on all my training tips and tricks.

I know dogs. I get along great with dogs... better than people on most days.

I think this helps with writing about wolf behavior. So far I’ve had positive feedback about my wolves. It’s the people and emotions I have trouble working with, but more on that later.

IWSG is Wednesday, and I have a post ready to go on all that emotional pooh that drives me nutters!


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