I give you my heart

I have a hard time working with emotion, so when my Crit Partners came back saying my MS’s middle was lacking, I went on the hunt for the emotions I needed to amp up the scenes and keep the middle from sagging from lack of conflict. Normally I would hop over to The Bookshelf Muse or open up The Emotion Thesaurus for help with figuring out what my characters should be doing. I still stumbled through these chapters, unclear how to get the emotion to the page.

didn't have to wait long before I was wammied with enough emotion I thought my head would explode.

I’m still recovering from the initial shock of what is happening within my family, but through this terrible turn of events, I was given exactly what I needed for my story. Rage, disappointment, heartache, shock, and so many other emotions are poring through me. What was to be a happy occasion has turned into what feels like a funeral.

So I turned to my writing.

The most fantastic thing about writer’s is that if you give us happiness, we can write happiness, and if you give us pain, we give you our hearts on a page. This is a blessing for me. If I didn't have an outlet for the darkness, I’m sure I would succumb to it. Instead, I torture my MC, to the point that I’m crying for her, then I wipe my tears, and continue on.

I’m thankful God gave me this gift. He must have known just what I needed to survive.


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