Silver Bullet

I've used the same red 4gb USB since 2006. I originally bought it to save art work to. Now, it holds my writing. Scrivener files, Word docs, picture prompts, story ideas, outlines... well, you get the point. It's precious to me.

But, it's OLD! In computer years this thing should have fried out five years ago. Which is why I started my quest to find a new USB to replace it so that I could retired Ol' Red.

I've searched a long time, wanting that special one that screamed out to me. These days you can get a USB in your jewelry, as a figurine, or even a tiny car. They come in ever shape and size. So what does a girl who writes about werewolves buy?

A silver bullet!

I LOLed when I first saw it on Amazon, but cruised on. After not finding anything that else that spoke to me, I went back and checked out the specs. 8gb (Not a ton, but more that my 4gb), Metal (my writing will be safe), and with a keychain (I can make it into a necklace with one of Hubz extra dog tags).

So yeah, I'm a lil' spazy to finally have found Ol'Red's replacement.

What's your ideal USB?




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