It’s been a little quiet around the blog the past few weeks. It’s been very busy with graphic designs (that I honestly don’t feel up to anymore), Ninja posts (we are doing the A-Z challenge and I got blessed with all the fun letters like D, I, N, and Z, and it’s been a fun challenge), and then revisions which I am happily obsessed with!

My first chapter was cut into two chapters and so much was changed and added. My characters stand out much more clearly than before, and the excitement I feel of finally feeling like I could actually do this, make a life as a writer, it’s a little breathtaking at times. I’m in love with the idea, the reality I am making of it.

I’m adding new pages to the blog. A page of the writing craft books I own, and a page about Scene and Sequel and my before and after first chapter. Hopefully it will help others see how amazing S&S can be for their writing.

Now I’m off to get more writing done! If I don’t update here much this month, consider it a good thing. I’ll be deep in my story world.




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