I want a Zen Life

Last week was a bust for me. I was tired, stressed, in pain, sick, uninspired, and practically ready to give up on all hobbies. Thankfully, I have my Critters to pull me out of my dark pit. We reviewed my chapters and I had a realization about myself from them. I don’t know how to show my emotions. It shows in my writing. Somewhere along the line I became so accustomed to keeping things to myself, I forgot how to convey my emotions through body language. Crazy huh? No wonder my CE gals are always teasing me for not smiling.

So I’m changing things up a bit over the next few weeks. I’m getting back into my morning pages (they really do help, and I got a finger shaken at me for not doing them. Thanks, M!), I’m getting control over my pain through eating better and doing Yoga (the kids love doing this with me. So cute!), I’m eliminating as much of the stress from my life as possible, and I’ll be studying people’s emotions.

I want a zen garden too... Maybe outside my office window (hint hint, hubz)

I’m still going to physical therapy, but I do not like it one bit. For some reason I come out worse than when I went in. So I’ll try Yoga, and perhaps even Zumba, it looks fun. I’m looking for a work out buddy, if anyone is interested.

As for writing, I’m planning to finish this draft by Sunday. I would like to get it printed out and ready for MRU’s and Scene and Sequence by next weekend. My wonderful Critters kept me from tossing it into the trash bin, and once again I’m feeling inspired to bring it into the world. I want to share my dreams with the world.

I have other fantastic, wonderful writerly news, but it’s gonna have to wait until later this week!

*dangles tantalizing news over heads*

So stay tuned ;)



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