Thuper Thursday Crits

I had an awesome TPR session this morning with Tina and Marisa! After taking turns moaning about our revisions, I suggested we have a weekly critique. Mostly because I'm terribly lost in my own revisions and have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing(I'm uber noob). We bounced ideas around until Thuper Thursday Crit was created. Every Thursday we will get together on GTalk and crit 20 pages of one persons manuscript. The idea is to give us deadlines for our revisions, help us find the good and the bad in our writing, and to support one another through revisions. As Marisa is finishing up an MS and will be getting ready to send it out into the world (YAY!!!), I was nominated to go first.
After the chat I formatted my first chapter to 12 point double spaced Times New Roman, and sent it off. *deep breath* My nerves are on edge! Marisa read some of Wild Fire a long time ago, and her suggestions were so helpful in revisions, but this is the first official critique of WF. I’m still a newbie at all this writer stuff. I’m really excited about the group though. I think it’s a fantastic step forward for my writing, and it will teach me how to crit another person’s work, which I’m not so good with at this moment. WF is going through some drastic changes, as my wolves needed structure to better build my plot. So if I said I would let you read and didn't send it yet, that's why. It's kinda chopped up right now. Hopefully I will now have more time for revisions... at least until Christmas.

We are still working out all the kinks, but hopefully we will have everything figured out by next week. If your revising or writing and want to join us, feel free! Comment or email me and we will get you on the list.


EDIT: Calendar has been added to my page tabs ^(o.O)~ Up there.


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