Yesterday was a blah day for me. Another one of those been up most of the night, don’t wanna wake up, really don’t wanna revise, despise myself for not revising type of day. We all have them, some more than most. I don’t know if it was the gloomy weather, the cranky kids, the hobbit in my office, or just that I rolled out of bed in gritch mode, but for my life I could not shake the crappy feeling I had about myself that day.

I stared for hours at Word, mentally cursing my MS for not revising itself overnight. I have so many hopes and dreams for it and so much work yet to put into it before its ready. The week has slowed to a crawl the closer it gets to Thursday, when WF gets its first ever critique since I finished the first draft. I’m nervous, excited, and extremely anxious to see what gems are found and what trash will be uncovered.

My hubz, being the wonderful man he is, cooked deer burgers (yum) for dinner, since burgers are one of his specialties, and allowed me an hour to myself to get my head back on straight. In that hour, I was giving up on any hope for revisions that day and was closing Word when I heard GTalk ding.

It was a message from Ali Cross author of Become, who I look up to as a writer and really amazing person.

“Amy, I just have to tell you how freakin’ awesome you are.”

I had to reread it a few times before I could respond to her wonderful message. I’m so unaccustomed to people thinking this of me, let alone outright saying it! I’m weird, different, a geek, and so on, but awesome? This was a first.

It was just what I needed, permission to think this of myself.

I am awesome! I am doing amazing things!

Sometimes, we need that little ego boost to get us over the hump, someone to cheer you on so that you can keep sloshing through that slush pile of a manuscript.

So thank you, Ali, for the ray of sunshine on a gloomy day!

Now I must go forth and revise!



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