Wanted: Critique Partner

I’ve decided today I need a Critique Partner, another writer to share work with. So far only one other writer has been able to read any of WF. I managed to finish the whole first draft depending on my Alpha Beta (AKA Mom) and her knack for knowing if a scene seemed to be working or not. I only just found out that she used to write in high school. Yeah, that was a shock!
Lately I feel discouraged about my writing. I don’t know where to go on revisions, and WF2 has slowed to a screeching halt. I’m hoping having a CP would help keep me on track in my writing goals since I would have someone to answer to, and be able to help me see where I can take scenes to a better place. I also want to learn how to critique others. I want to contribute to other great pieces of work. Mostly, writing has been darned lonely. Sure I share with loved ones, but a lot of time my writing isn’t their genre and they have a hard time accepting some of the odd things that might happen in a paranormal fantasy. I want to have a polished draft of WF by summer, and be prepared to query.  I want to have a finished first draft of WF2 by next year. I have so many other ideas in my idea box just begging to be worked on.
Sharing my writing is scary to me. It’s like opening up a piece of me to someone else. I know it’s for the better and the suggestions they make are only in the books best interest but I’m still nervous. *deep breath* BUT I’m ready for it! I’m ready to learn more about being a writer and to help my books be the absolute best they can possibly be. So, if you’re interested, I’m willing to share with you. 
Until then, I'll keep my nose deep in my writing books.


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