In a couple of days my little family, dogs included, will be loaded up and on the road to visit our Arkansas family. Seven hours in a crowded truck with two kids, two dogs, and my husband. If I’m lucky, there will be tons of nappage, and plenty of silence, but anyone who travels with children can tell you to expect the exact opposite. No sleeping and plenty of screaming. So no, there will be no time to write in those seven hours of travel, but I will be taking the Lappytop (omigosh I missed it) and will hopefully manage some writing time. 
Since I will be spending my holiday out in the country or possibly the deer woods if my hubz can talk me out into the cold (pffft good luck there, Babe), and I will have little or no internet, I wanted to do my thanksgiving post early. As we all know you don’t need a certain day to be thankful for the wonderful people in your life, but since this is the time of year that everyone voices their thanks, I thought I might voice a few of my own.
I can’t possibly thank everyone in my life by name here today; I have just too many loved ones for that, but there are those out there who deserve a special little shout out.
Of course, there’s my best friend, Alpha beta reader, cheerleader, and mother. She pushes me to be the best I can while standing nearby to catch me if I fall. She’s my confidant. Without Mom, I could never have accomplished all that I have.
Though my dad may not have always approved of my choices in life he was always supported of them. He’s always right there when I need him. Love you Daddy <3
A huge thanks to the TPR crew. These ladies and Jon have kept me writing for over a year now. They push me through the blocks and listen to my whines. They freely share their wisdom, or just some awesome blogs to learn from ;)
Thank you to Ali Cross and the ninjas at her writing dojo. They instill discipline to your daily writing, and give each other the support it takes to write a novel.
Rosemary, Brandi, and Marisa thanks for being my friends. I have so few friends here in Abilene, and you are true treasures to me.
 And finally, my Dear Hubz. Thank you for being so patient with me while I search for new dreams. I love you most!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll see you in a few weeks
v(^.^) ~peace!


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