Rockin Out with Rhapsody

All writers love music. It's like a rule. It drives us, and inspires us. On those most difficult of scenes the right music can pull you from that pit of despair. For a long time I relied on my preexisting ITunes music. I have an extensive library, but it's 90% country (it's my roots, so hush.) When I'm writing I need more variety. Sorry ITunes, but you just don't cut it for me. Next I tried utube. All that variety, but you have to constantly go back to the webpage to find a new song. So, no utube. Finally I tried Rhapsody. You get a 14 day free trial, and in those 14 days I fell in love. All the music my little ears could ever listen to. I have it on my laptop, my desktop, and even on my Samsung Galaxy S.

I have found so many new and old artists that I love, from Yanni to Flyleaf. Rhapsody has even shown me other artists I never knew existed! I love it! Now Rhapsody, kick my lazy muse in the tushy and tell her to get back to work. I haven't heard any voices, other than that of my screaming offspring, in nearly two days! I'm starting to get lonely.

While Rhapsody and my muse have a smacdown, the kiddos and I will be dinning on fine Pizza Hut pizza with Pepsi while we watch a movie and then snack on popcorn and (dare I say it… I dare!) Chocolate! Whoohooo! Friday night pizza! I love it!




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