The love dare

Last night Fireproof was on TV. I had watched it before when it first came out on DVD, and then again at a church function. It's an amazingly inspirational movie about learning to do more for your spouse, falling back in love, and strengthening you relationship with your spouse and God. When the movie was over, and the tears had dried, I decided that maybe I should do the love dare. I grabbed my kindle and ordered it for about seven bucks. This morning I read the chapter one, day one, of forty days.
Today I am to practice patience. Most usually I am a very patient woman, but lately it has seemed I am quicker to temper. My hubby has a very quick temper but he tries not to bring it home or show it. I did get a little upset last night when he got off work and helped his friends all evening while I fixed dinner, washed the dishes, bathed the kids, put clean bedding on all the beds, and then put the kids to bed. I guess what really upset me was that the night before we had said we were going to spend the evening together. After reading my chapter this morning I realized that I was being selfish. He had been helping his friend change out the bumper on their car so that we could get his old bumpers out of our garage. His friend is an airman living in the dorms and has no storage space. In addition to helping us, I'm sure my hubby could use a little guy time in the garage. I suppose I was just jealous. I have only a few friends here, and they are usually busy ladies. I miss having companions to hang out with. Maybe that is the reason I have had such a hard time letting go of my MMORPG that my friends from Hawaii still play. I still have a connection with them, and can still goof off online with them, though the game has lost interest to me. Already, the dare is making me look within myself and find what I can fix in myself to make our relationship stronger. It also reminds me of God's patience for his children. No matter our sins, God is always ready to forgive us if we repent.
I have forty days in the dare, and I will try and post daily my mission for the day, how the previous day resulted, and the positive and negative reactions the dare is having in my relationship.
I dare you to take the love dare with me. No matter how great your marriage, or how strong your relationship with God, take the dare! See how it will improve your life not only with your spouse and God, but with every other person in your life. You can order The Love Dare from, go to any christen store, or even go to wal-mart and pick up a copy. I also recommend watching the movie Fireproof.
On a side note, I had a breakthrough on the book. I finally busted through chapter 24. I'm still unsure on if it was good or not, and it has been sent to my mom for a review. She should be reading it by tomorrow, and will let me know if the chapter needs work or if I should carry on and move on to chapter 25. I won't have much time for working on the book this weekend because I will have family in and will be cooking my very first turkey! Blogs may be the only writing I manage for about a week. My hubby is having surgery on his ankle Tuesday, and I will be playing nurse for a few days. What a busy week this will be!


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