Spontaneous Nanowrimo! Go! Go! Go!

It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the air is chilled, the days are shorter, and the pumpkin spice craze is running rampant. It's also nearly the end of October.

Goodbye Halloween decorations. Goodbye haunted houses and zombie laser tag. Goodbye all the wonderfully spooky horror flicks.

And Hello Nanowrimo.

Ah yes, that crazy month where writers add to the crazy that is the holiday season with adding a 50,000 word count to their novel.

Now it's no secret I've struggled with writing these past couple years. I've been admonished from family, friends, and even my own children a time or two. I bet if my animals could talk, they too would have something to say about my total lack of writing.

But no more.

Today while transferring files over from my DinoDell to my NewPretty I passed through some old NanoPrep files. That started the itch. I got my Scrivener file with my latest WF2 outline (the old had been scrapped) updated and saved conveniently to my desktop. I visited TweetDeck for the first time in probably two years. I also updated MyWriteClub, and of course my Nanowrimo dashboard. I even downloaded Write-o-meter on my phone for pomodoro sprints.

I figure the best way to get back into writing is to do like we do when swimming at the creek. Just jump all in. Face first if you have to.

While setting things up my daughter got curious about what I was doing. I explained Nanowrimo to her and told her that there was even a version for kids.

Now there are two McBays scrambling to get prepped in time for Nano!

She has already toyed with her own stories, and her teacher is quite proud of her creativity, so I know she will really enjoy this challenge.

Wish us luck and a bountiful word count!


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