IWSG: Do what makes you happy

It's been a few month's since I was last able to make an IWSG post. The Insecure Writer's Support Group is there for writers to support one another in all the trials of writing. For more about IWSG follow the link.

I've been away from writing for some time. More than I like to admit. With Hubby's sudden job change and the move, I let writing slid right out of my life. As a result I started to suffer some pretty intense depression symptoms. I never knew how much writing was helping keep those hurtful feelings at bay.

We are finally starting to get things settled in this new tiny town. If it weren't for my online friends I'm sure I would have lost it already. The hubby's job keeps him away a lot, which leaves me home alone with the kiddies. I never know when he will be home. One week away turns to two, then four. It's lonely, but at least I have my books and my writing to escape into.

It got to a point that my Hubby told me I needed to get back to my writing.

"Do what makes you happy," he told me one night after an wave of irrational anger sent me to my room, hiding behind a closed door until I could get control over it.

The past couple weeks I have tried my best to make a better writing habit, be it working on my edits, filling out my outline for NaNoWriMo, or keeping up with my blog. Either these stronger meds the Doc gave me for my fibromyalgia and depression are working perfectly, or my new writing habit have resulted in a happier me. I'm not sad, angry, or self- loathing as much anymore. Getting back into Morning Pages and dumping all those negative feelings first thing in the morning have also helped, leaving my mind fresh and ready to create.

I'm happy right now, and it feels great!

Now all I have to do is work on my workout routine!


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