Accountability and Keeping Track

Nothing helps keep a writer writing like peer pressure. Several books I read on writing even recommends you tell your family and friends about your goals so you have that pressure of keeping that deadline. I mean, it's not like writing is that hard, right? (Joking!)

I've found that putting my goals, and my accomplishments up where others can hold me accountable keeps that butt in the chair (or the yoga ball if you have back problems like me...)

Here are a few sites I've found to track word count and goals:

myWriteClub is a great place for writers to cheer each other on. You can update you goals, and comment on other writers goals. It's still in beta mode as of the day I post this, so many changes may be made until it is officially released. Still, it's a great site!

Write Track is a Facebook app that keeps track of your word counts and page counts, and posts a progress bar on your timeline for all your friends and family to see. To find the app type Write Track in the search bar at the top and click on the icon with a colorful feather.

Last is Write-Track. Not to be confused with the one we just covered. This is a goal oriented tacking system that allows writers to log when they wrote, how long they wrote, and how much they wrote. You can set up as many goals as you like, and once you have accomplished that goal you can click the star and write up a little diddy about how that session went. Like myWriteClub you can make friends and comment on their goals. This site is also in beta (soon to go live within a week or so), but from what I've witnessed from it, Write-Track will be an extremely useful tool in keeping up with all the goals I've set for myself this year.

This list does not even begin to cover all the word counting apps, sites, and programs out there, but is more geared to holding the writer accountable through peer pressure. I hope you find these sites useful!

If you do join these sites, look me up under user name AMcBay or Amy McBay. I'd love to join your cheer squad!


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