I'm Back!

"Hello boys, I'm Baaaack!"
It took longer than expected, but I am mostly moved. We still have a few things to go back for, and a few things to fix around the old place, but I'm living in Sanger now. Small town, Sanger. In Suburbia...

It's a temporary stop, until we can find our permanent forever home.

The unpacking is going as well as can be expected. The computers are up (thankfully still in tact even after Hubz dropped it), and writing areas have been selected and set up. Yes, it was number one on the list of to-dos! I gave up my office space, but made room in the dining area for a desk, and then another is in my room. At least there is a lock on the bedroom door. I'm sure that will come in very handy!

We hit a small road block when my grandma had a stroke and we went to Tulsa to visit her. Good news, she is doing well, and just settled into her room at rehab for a few months of physical therapy.

I've had a nice weeks vacation since my dad took the kids for a week, and I even got some editing done on WF. The little monsters will be home tomorrow so quiet time will be few and far between.

I will try to get a new blog post up weekly, but with things still a bit chaotic, I wouldn't hold my breath.


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