What the move means for the writer in me

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So by now you all know we are free of the military, and Hubz has an amazing dream job he never thought he would ever get to have in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area (only 3 hours from home from family!), but what does this mean for me and my writing?

Well, first let's take a moment to see where I am in my writing adventure.

When I first started writing, I had no clue what I was doing. I was a bookworm with a story, and though I churned that story out, I had a long way to go on the road to becoming a writer. I devoured writing books, suggested blog posts, and latched on to other writer all in hopes of learning. My book has been shredded by my loving but brutally honest Critique Group. These ladies have become some of my closest friends because not only have they seen into me, but they were willing to nurture me. For that, I could never repay them.

Then a few months ago I won a free edit of my manuscript by K.M. Weiland. I'm still in shock! Another chance to learn from one of the Internets greats!

But then life took a huge dooky in my lap, and with the stress and worry, writing slipped from my daily routine.

Life is getting better though. I'm not stressing on making that meager paycheck stretch, not worrying over what bills can get paid and which will just have to wait. I'm slowly pulling back into writing. Getting blog posts up, studying, reading, and when I can, I write.

I know I'm a long way from being where I planned to be, getting back up to where I was before the crap hit the fan, but with our new future, I'm seeing all the possibilities opening up to me. I'm making new plans, that can be started as soon as we settle.

I'm close to being done with my Final Edits, and am nearly halfway done with the first draft of another book. Publishing is on the horizon! I have been working a few years towards that goal, and not just by writing. I am getting out there, getting known, building a readership, building a platform, and learning the ways of self-publishing. I'm working towards a career! Something I can be proud of!

Can you think of a better area to start this adventure than the Dallas/ Fort worth area? Such a vast area with so much potential. Even Kim Harrison toured there! All I can think is somehow, we managed to get on the road we were always meant to travel!

I am free to create, to take on this mission with no guilt. I have always had the support of my hubz, but I couldn't help but worry over how we would budget. That worry is gone!

I want to thank the man who thought to bring us down, because without him, my husband wouldn't have his dream job, and I wouldn't be this much closer to my dream. Karma dude... It doesn't lie.

I have been blessed over and over again on this writing adventure, from good friends and critique partners, to a position as a writing mentor, to having an edit I wasn't able to afford being given to me, to the support of my family, and I want thank you all. You are the reason I keep going, keep dreaming, and keep writing.

Happy thoughts people!

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