New Horizons

I've been saying for a while now that I can't discuss what is going on with my family and the stress we have been under these past few months. I still can't go into detail, not until it's all said and done. There is still a chance that those who are out to make our lives miserable to try and ruin it all for us.

In short, we were screwed over, and will be leaving the military. I'm sad it's come to this, but I feel the military is no longer what it once was. I'm not proud of how it is being run, which reminds me too much of the politics of congressmen. I remember the core values of the USAF, and live by them still. Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do. I'm ashamed of the acts I've witnessed of what was my military. Everyone is out for themselves, and those that you call friend are just waiting to stab you in the back, to make themselves look better.

I'm livid that someone would take my hospitality and good deeds and try to claim it as their own, all to get ahead. This is one of those forgiveness things I need to work on and I'm sorry to say, but I'm just not up to that just yet. The wound is still too fresh. There is more to the story, but at this time it is not all mine to share, but it all ends the same. We are leaving the military.

Sure, we could stay and fight. We could stay and make sure that those who are in the wrong are punished, but why? Why should we continue to suffer, just to bring down a few corrupt people? No, we have decided to leave it all behind. To move on with our lives.

I'm in hopes that this chaos leads to better things. So far we are looking at a brighter horizon. So although we have had hard times, lost friends, and have been worried over how we are going to make it, we can now see that it was leading us in a direction that will in short make us happier.

Come summer we will be moving (again >.<) to Dallas. I'm excited because not only will we be closer, but my husband will no longer have to deploy. I wont have to worry about him volunteering for dangerous missions and nearly getting killed. He will have a great job (Thanks to his best bud for getting him the opportunity), and we will have better benefits than the military could ever give us (No more military docs! YAY!)

And the best part? We are going to be closer to family! No more lonely holidays, no more homesickness, and no more listening to the kids beg to go visit family. We will be able to go visit whenever we want.

So even though our family suffered a lot in 2013, we are looking at a brighter 2014. This will be the year that we settle our family for good. This year we have a direction for change, and we are going to make the most of it!


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