*Tap tap* Hello?

Hello? Is this thing on?

Surprise, I'm back! If you haven't noticed by my total lack of posts, even missing this months IWSG, I have been super duper busy finishing my last round of revisions, and as of Sunday at 1am I am done.

If you have been keeping up on Facebook, chances are you already know, but for those just joining the class, let me tell you why this is so exciting. First off, I have been writing/revising/learning the craft for over 3 years now, and finally feel I have something to show for it.

Am I 100% positive my writing is all it can be and more? Absolutely not, but that is why this next bit is so freakin amazing.

Last month I won an edit from K.M. Weiland!!!

So now I'm formatting my MS and trying to get the guts up to hit the send button...

Yeah, I'm just a bit nervous o.0 But in the end, I know her advice will help me grow as a writer.

While my MS is off getting shredded  edited, I'll be busy with outlining book 2, coming up with my 5 year plan as a writer, and getting my poor neglected house back in order. Hopefully that will keep me from ripping my hair our in fits of nervousness...


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