Howdy From OK

What a month I've had. I never expect to be spending the majority of the summer in Oklahoma at my Mom's house, but one thing led to another thing, and before I knew it, the kids and I were stranded.

It's not been bad, in fact we have enjoyed our time with family quite thoroughly, but all that writing time I envisioned for the summer didn't stand a chance. I tried, but even with my best efforts I only managed about 36 pages deep edited... and that was only because I tossed my kids in the swimming pool and sat outside in the hot humid heat and worked. Let me tell you, going from Texas weather to Oklahoma weather is like going from a desert to a rain forest. The first few days I could hardly breathe, the air was so thick.

I have read by the pool with my Mom, and went horse back riding with my Dad and Papa. The kids have bounced around staying the night with family members they rarely see, and played with their cousins. It's been a treat getting to see everyone!

As much fun as we have had, I'm looking forward to going home this weekend. I miss my routines, I miss my own space, I miss my bed, I miss my dog, and really miss my Hubz (even if he is a pain in the rear sometimes). I'm ready to slink back to my cave, and hopefully be more productive than I was this month.

How's your summer going?


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