Return of the Living Dead

From the show The Walking Dead
Im not dead, if thats what you were thinking. Nor did my hubz have me committed yet.

Im slowly getting out of the woods. It was a dark, lonely trek, even though I was surrounded by loving family and an amazing hubby.

Its better now though. Little by little as my energy returns to me I find my love for writing again. Heck seems Im finding my love for everything I used to obsess over! There are 500 books on my kindle that I have to read, shiny new writing ideas bubbling up from creative space, drawings I finally have the urge to sketch out, blog posts I want to do, house projects, and the return of Final Fantasy XI obsession.

Me and Hubz playing Dragoons

My only problem now is finding time to do all these beautiful things.

Im still lurking in the shadows of the woods. There are still bad days, where getting out of bed seems like torture of the worst kind, but there are more great days now, where I look forward to hanging with my kids and treating them to something nice. These days shine though the bad days like the sun through the trees.

And yeah, my words are coming back!

I really didnt realize how deep into depression my exhaustion made me until now. Im still tired, I still hurt, but Im sleeping, and Im dreaming again (so well I even went on a little sleep walk). I wake up and Im not exhausted! True, by two Im ready to crawl back to my bed, but till then, I get stuff done.

Im not recovered, but Im better, and Im ready to get back to making those dreams come true!


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