IWSG: Is it just me?

A few months ago I started blogging IWSG Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writers Support Group. The writers are friendly and full of great advice. Its been therapeutic! Today I offer up another one of my fears.
I can't say it enough. I love my story.
I love my story, my characters, my plot, heck, I even love my nasty, mean, demonic villains. It doesn't stop me from worrying that I'm the only one who will ever love this book though. I constantly fret that no one else will enjoy this book once it is out in the world. What's the point of writing a story if readers are going to hate it?
My critique partners are fantastic and are always happy to read my chapters, but sometime I feel a little out of my league with them. They are all such marvelous writers. They have taught me so much, and helped me see errors, plot holes, and odd character behavior.
I'm sure many writers have this little nagging fear, and until we stifle it and send our little book babies into the world we will never know how readers will react to them. So until that day I will listen to the praise of my critique partners, and continue to love my story to the end.
How do you overcome the fear of rejection?


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