Git'er Done!

Just a little warning here, I wont be blogging as much this month. I’ve dedicated all my time to getting the rewrites done, and so far so good! To quote Larry the Cable Guy “Git'er Done!”

So I’m not commenting this month on blogs, though I do read other blogs from my Kindle Fire greader app, and I’m not spending anytime on this blog, except for what you see here. I’ve given myself a time frame to have this draft done at the end of the month. Then after the whole thing has been S&S’ed, I’m going to print it out and do the Margie Lawson EDITS system on it. It shouldn’t need much more work after July, and I will be able to get it out to Beta’s and an editor (BTW if your interested in being a Beta feel free to comment or email me!)

My biggest goal is to have my book completely done and ready for publishing by the New Year. A ton of work ahead of me, but I’m diggin in my heals, and getting to it.

Wish me luck!




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