While the hubby's away...

I’ve not posted much in his absence, and it will only be getting worse for the next few months. I’ll be leaving for Oklahoma this weekend. The kids and I decided to get our Okie time in while he was away. There’s not a lot holding us to Texas right now, and the drought is enough to drive a sane person crazy. I’m not sane, so you can imagine what it’s doing to me…
This week has been full of errands and cleaning (so much cleaning…), so that I get everything done before we leave. This leaves very little time for writing, but as I crawl into bed at night, I manage to read a few pages of a writing book or jot down a few notes before passing out. Better than nothing I suppose.

I did manage to suppress the urge to splurge on a netbook in the absence of my lappy top that is now with my hubz, and instead got a Bluetooth keyboard for my smartphone. It will allow me to write on the go without having to use the tiny on screen keyboard, and will give me more writing space. Using Note Everything and Google docs, I’ll be able to keep up with my writing while we travel.

Aside from my smartphone, I will be without internet for the most part, perhaps a good thing for my writing. I’ll have family to watch the kids while I write and revise, and less cleaning. I’m looking forward to a writing vacation! I might just have a finished second draft by the time we return home!
Until I’m connected again, ta!


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